Tuesday, August 14, 2007

O Happy Days

The Mets have been in first place a total of 984 game days in their history, and Mets fans hope they will shortly reach an even 1,000. "Game days" in first place here refers to days on which the Mets played a game and were in first place, tied or alone, at the end of all that day's games. The Mets have played a total of 7,250 games, but not all were separate game days, because doubleheaders count as only one game day. I don't have a count for how many doubleheaders the Mets have played, but for round number purposes we can estimate the Mets have had about 7,000 game days altogether. The Mets have been in first place for 97 game days so far this season. The only three seasons the Mets have been in first for longer have all been division championship seasons: 1986 (145 days in first), 1988 (138 days) and last season (158 days -- all but the second game day of the season).

Mets managers by game days the Mets were in first place during their tenure:
Davey Johnson 427
Willie Randolph 255
Bobby Valentine 90
Gil Hodges 69
Yogi Berra 63
Bud Harrelson 30
Joe Torre 17
Joe Frazier 15
George Bamberger 7
Dallas Green 5
Art Howe 4
Jeff Torborg 2

source of the raw data here is baseball-reference.com, which has total "game days" in first place for each team in each season.

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