Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The New Home Run King at Shea

Bonds has hit a homer on average every 12.9 ABs in his career. At Shea Stadium, however, it has taken him on average 32.2 ABs per homer (13 homers in 419 ABs). Among the parks in which throughout his career he's had at least 20 ABs (that's 29 parks), Shea has been by far the toughest for him to hit a homer. At his Shea rate of 32.2 ABs per homer his career total to date would have been 303 homers, not 756!

Toughest parks for Bonds HRs (min. 20 ABs):
Shea Stadium 32.2 ABs per HR
Busch Stadium I 28.2 ABs per HR
Three Rivers Stadium 20.7 ABs per HR

Easiest parks for Bonds HRs (min. 20 ABs):
PNC Park (Pittsburgh) 5.6 ABs per HR
Turner Field 7.7 ABs per HR
Angel Stadium 8.0 ABs per HR

(raw home run by stadium splits are from, which is a miraculous source of baseball stats, and a source I will be using often here)

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