Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Mets had five stolen bases and 5 extra base hits in last night's game. That was the second time this season, and the second time in franchise history, that the Mets had at least 5 SBs and 5 XBHs in the same game. The first time in franchise history the Mets achieved this particular combination was May 13 of this season against the Brewers (David Wright alone had a double and 3 SBs). 5 or more SBs and 5 or more XBHs in the same game generally only happens a few times a season in MLB.

Since the Mets started play in 1962, only two teams have had three games in a single season achieving this peculiar combination of speed and slugging: the 1978 Pirates (the motto of the late 70's Pirates was actually "Lumber and Lightning") and the 1983 Oakland A's, with Rickey Henderson.

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