Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Managing to Win

Terry Collins has won 444 regular season MLB games as a manager. That puts him 141st all-time in career wins as a major league manager. To squeeze into the top 100, Collins will likely need to win close to 190 more.

444 current wins, plus 180 more would put him at 624 career wins. Today that would be good for a tie for 96th among MLB managers all-time. But other managers will be winning games at the same time as Terry and will race him to the top 100. Currently employed managers with between 400 and 624 career wins:

Jim Riggleman 624 (Nationals)

Ozzie Guillen 600 (White Sox)

Eric Wedge 561 (new manager of the Mariners)

Clint Hurdle 534 (new manager of the Pirates)

Ned Yost 512 (Royals)

Joe Maddon 431 (Rays)

If all these guys get past 624 wins before Collins, and they each seem likely to do so, that would leave Terry reaching 624 wins when it would be merely the 101st highest total all-time, no longer in "top 100" territory. Collins can more safely assume he will cross over to the top-100 side if he gets to 630 wins or so, matching Harry "the Hat" Walker's career total. From Terry's current 444 to 630 wins would require 186 more wins. If Terry Collins can get 186 more wins over the course of his new two-year contract (93 win per season average), he will probably have earned a contract extension, as well as a spot in the top 100 winning-est managers.

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