Sunday, November 28, 2010

Iron Age

Harvey Araton in today's New York Times:
"In the past seven years, Jeter has missed a combined 51 games, or 7.3 per season, which in modern baseball is about as Iron Horsey as one gets."
Over the past seven seasons, 2004-2010, Derek Jeter has played in 1,083 regular season games. Over the seven seasons from 1926 to 1932, Lou Gehrig played in 1,083 regular season games, exactly the same number as Jeter played in over 2004-2010. For each guy, that was the seven-season sequence in which they played the most regular season games of their respective careers.

Derek played in 48 post-season games over 2004-2010, for a total of 1,131 major league games. over the past seven seasons. Gehrig played in 19 post-season games over the 1926-1932 period, for a total of 1,102 major league contests over that seven-season span -- 29 fewer than Jeter played over 2004-2010.

Top 10, Most MLB Games Played, 2004-2010, Regular and Post-Season Combined:

1. Derek Jeter 1,131
2. Albert Pujols 1,126
3. Ichiro Suzuki 1,115
4. Bobby Abreu 1,114
5. Adam Dunn 1,108
6. Miguel Cabrera 1,103
7. Mike Young 1,100
8. Mark Teixeira 1,098
T9. Miguel Tejada 1,091
T9. Orlando Cabrera 1,091

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