Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Matter of Size

Rumors bounced around the InterMet (that's the Mets subsection of the Internet) yesterday that free agent pitcher Chris Young might be signing with the Mets. Chris is 6 feet 10 inches tall. As such, he would tie Eric Hillman for tallest Met ever.

Eric Hillman started 36 games in his MLB career (all for the Mets) and ended up with only 4 career Wins, which is one of the worst ratios of starts needed per Win in MLB history. The Mets' Pat Misch is right up there with Hillman, though as an active player, Pat still has a chance to win some more games and cut his ratio to a more normal level.

Over the past 100 years of Major League Baseball, among all pitchers who had at least 20 career starts, the pitchers who required the most starts per Win:

Jack Nabors (1915-1917) 37 career starts, one career Win

Mike Thompson (1971-1975) 29 career starts, one career Win

Eric Hillman (1992-1994) 36 career starts, four career Wins

Pat Misch (2006-2010) 24 career starts, three career Wins

Hal Griggs (1956-1959) 45 career starts, six career Wins

Jo-Jo Reyes (2007-2010) 37 career starts, five career Wins

Josh Geer (2008-2009) 22 career starts, three career Wins

Ken Reynolds (1970-1976) 51 career starts, seven career Wins

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