Friday, November 9, 2007

Face Time

Most Batters Faced by A Major League Pitcher, 2000-2007:
1. Livan Hernandez 7,916
2. Tim Hudson 7,271
3. Javier Vasquez 7,259
4. Greg Maddux 7,160
5. Tom Glavine 7,150

These are, of course, multi-season numbers acumulated across all 8 seasons, not single season numbers.
Note the large gap between Livan and second place, a nearly 10% difference.

Most PAs by a Major League Batter 2000-2007
1. Alex Rodriguez 5,639
2. Bobby Abreu 5,581
3. Derek Jeter 5,539
4. Johnny Damon 5,518
5. Miguel Tejada 5,488

Note that the top starting pitchers participate in many more PAs (in the form of Batters Faced) than do the top hitters.

Also, it's amusing to see that the top 4 PA guys in the majors this decade all played for the Yankees in 2007. And if today's newspaper is to be believed, the Yanks may be looking to add Tejada now too, as an A-Rod replacement.

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