Sunday, October 7, 2007

Privileges of Seniority

Although the sixteen franchises that date from or before the 1901 establishment of the American League as a major league now constititute only about half of the 30 major league teams, there has never been a World Series without at least one of those 16 old-line franchises participating. By defeating the Angels today, the Red Sox assured that the old-line tradition will continue at least another year.

Of the 8 franchises founded in the 1960s, only the Mets, Royals and Angels have been World Champions, the Mets twice. The Padres, Nationals, Brewers, Rangers and Astros all have yet to win a World Series. Indeed, the Pods, Nats, 'Stros and Rangers franchises have collectively played 167 seasons (not counting 1994 when no World Series was played) and among them have exactly one win in a World Series game -- I don't mean one World Series, I mean one, single, solitary World Series game, San Diego's Game 2 victory over the Tigers in 1984. The Padres and Astros are collectively one win and twelve losses in World Series games, while the Nats and Rangers have not even played in a World Series despite 84 seasons (that were followed by post-season games) between them. And Mets fans think they have problems.

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