Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mercy Rule Games

I count 5 games in Mets history, before last night's, in which the Mets gave up zero runs and scored at least 13:
July 29, 1965, a 14-0 demolition of the Cubs (Galen Cisco complete game, Johnny Lewis two homers)
July 1, 1976, a 13-0 destruction of the Cardinals (Jon Matlack complete game, Milner grand slam, Mets had only five singles and four extra-base hits, but walked 10 times)
April 19, 1998, a 14-0 massacre of the Reds (Al Leiter starting, no homers for the Mets)
September 30, 2006, a 13-0 dismantling of the Nationals (Tom Glavine starting, homers by Franco, Castro, Chavez, Green and Wright)
September 29, 2007, John Maine's near no-hitter, a 13-0 pulverizing of the Marlins (two homers by Milledge and one by Castro)

So in the first 36 years of the Mets franchise the team only had two of these games, while the Mets have now had two of these in their last five regular season games, both against the Marlins.

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