Saturday, January 12, 2008

Puffed Rice

Jim Rice came extremely close to being elected to the Hall of Fame this past week. With 72.2% of voters including him in their selections, he fell just short of the 75% needed. Historically, coming that close has almost always meant a player is eventually elected.

An item of interest to Mets fans is that modern sabermetric statistics show Moises Alou (through 2007) and Jim Rice to have had careers of almost identical value.

Career Win Shares (Bill James stat that tries to reflect a player's total contribution to team wins on both offense and defense)
Jim Rice: 282
Moises Alou: 282

Career WARP1 (Baseball Prospectus' "Wins Over Replacement Player", it also includes both offense and defensive contributions)
Jim Rice: 72.1
Moises Alou: 72.6

Career OPS+ ('s stat adjusting OPS for home park effects and for different historical eras, with average=100)
Jim Rice: 128
Moises Alou: 128

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